Summer resits for students trying to enter final year - IE&M - Fontys Eindhoven.

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This petition is drawn up by Lean Student Association of the Industrial Engineering and Management (IE&M) bachelor at Fontys University of Applied Science in Eindhoven. This petition regards the possibility of granting summer resits for all exams required by 3rd year students who want to commence study quarter 13-14 (final year) starting on August 2018. The objective of this petition is to convince examination board to grant summer resits on the grounds that the new policies regarding resits have been poorly communicated to students, a bias is given to first batch IE&M students compared to second batch IE&M in number of resit opportunities offered, added costs for international students to pay for a whole academic year just to be able to resit a few exams and loss of motivation and poor mental health caused by stress. 

  1. Poor Communication - Until year 2018, summer resits were offered at IE&M. In 2018 this policy has changed thus eliminating the possibility for summer resits for those in need to begin the final study year. This change in policy is only communicated via email on April 2018 which is the 3rd quarter of the academic year. Due to this, students were not well-informed enough to prioritize the exams over typical third year workload such as internship as they are under the impression that there will be summer resits. 
  2. Injustice - IE&M study program first commenced in 2014. Students that joined IE&M in 2014 were offered summer resits in 2017. However, students that joined the program in 2015 are denied this opportunity. Moreover, students joined at 2014 were offered extra lessons for exam preparations (course: OML2) in the 3rd quarter of academic year 2017-2018. Students that joined the program in 2015 did not get this opportunity. This seems like the department is biased and geared towards the success of first batch students (joined in 2014) in comparison with the second batch (joined in 2015). 
  3. Added costs -  If the summer resits are not offered, many students are denied the opportunity to begin their final study year as planned. This results in having to pay tuition and living expenses for one extra academic year. Note be taken that a large number of students in the IE&M program are non-EU students who; pay a higher tuition price (€6.500) than local students and also live on their own away from their families financial comfort. 
  4. Language barrier, motivation and mental health - As an international student, it is not uncanny to come across a teacher who likes to compare international students with native students. Regardless of the fact that this may be an attempt to motivate students, the fact of the matter is that international lessons are delivered in the instructors' second language (English). On the contrary, for native students, lessons are delivered in the instructors' native language (Dutch). Hence, more effort is required by international students in contrast to native students. Thus, being compared to our native counterparts can further burden and demotivate an international student who is already having a difficult time adjusting to life in a foreign country and dealing with culture shock. By not communicating policy changes on time and being denied the opportunity to take summer resits to enter final year will demotivate the students furthermore. Poor mental health can become apparent as stress levels may increase due to increased financial pressure or other stressors caused by losing a whole academic year.