Conduct online exam for 11th

Conduct online exam for 11th

2 February 2022
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Exam department
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Why this petition matters

As we all know in this hard times (pandemic) we (students) all are attending online classes because of the 12 boards prelim.
But the main issue is we are being informed that we will be having offline exams.

We agree and respect the decision of the College (Thakur college of science and commerce)
but there are some issues regarding conduction of offline exams.

~As we attend the online classes many students does not have proper internet connection so also the teachers face the network issue, beacuse of this some students may have missed out some part which the teacher tries to explain...

~We agree that we could ask the teacher about our doubts but when we ask our doubts and ask teacher to explain the part again that time also what if the particular student has connectivity issues??...

~As the days are passing by the teacher also tries to finish the portion fast which some students find difficult to cope up.

This things will definitely affect the students right,

So it's our humble request to the Exam Department to look into this matter from student's point of view.
It will not only affect the student's grades but it will be a stressful situation also
Hope this matter soughts out.


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Signatures: 7Next Goal: 10
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