Fix Our education System (UK)

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Right now hundreds of thousands of students are taking their GCSE's just like last year and the year before. However, this year is unlike the others, underneath the smart uniforms and makeup lay silent tears and heavy bags from sleepless nights, this is the reality now faced by teenagers around the country with the new reforms piling on more pressure than ever. 24 equations; quotes from 14 poems; quotes from 2 plays and references to a 544 page novel, these are just some of the things we have been expected to learn in the last year or two, as well as this there was the abolishment of essay work and coursework replaced with full on exams as well as a half planned exam reform put into place in 2016.

I, as a GCSE student taking 27 exams this year and having days where I don't finish school until half 3 (it finishes at 2:45) and going into school an hour before it starts, find this appalling! Right now ADULT ministers are making decisions about OUR education, they are not the ones taking these exams, they are adults with their degrees, they don't need to take these new, harder exams. WHY are adults deciding on our future? Why are adults deciding what's too easy for us? 

As students we are in our thousands as well as adults who stand with us we are hundreds of thousands! IF we put together our collective voices the government cannot ignore the noise we are capable of making! IF you want change, IF you feel cheated, IF you feel this is unfair, SIGN NOW and get your voice heard!

We need change to happen, if this means going back to the old exams and making SMALL improvements that's okay! If it means sitting down with students from different backgrounds and asking us what we think, THAT IS OKAY!

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