Shift to hybrid classes for the safety of Ewha ELC students

Shift to hybrid classes for the safety of Ewha ELC students

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Started by Ewha Student

The YES universities are well regarded for their Korean Language Intensive Courses. Yonsei is known for their focus on academic rigor, Sogang is known for their focus on speaking, and Ewha is known for being a balance between the two.

For the upcoming winter semester, Yonsei has decided to continue utilizing the online format. Sogang has adapted a hybrid schedule that consists of 4 online classes per week, and 1 offline class per week, until further notice.

Despite the sharp increase in covid cases, the emergence of the Omicron variant, and the reversal of the government's phased alleviation plans, using the autonomy granted by the government, Ewha ELC has elected to conduct complete 100% face to face classes for the entirety of the winter semester. 

Being a YES school gives Ewha the benefit of being one of the first recommendations when a potential student looks to study Korean. In turn, this yields a diverse student body. Not only do we have a wide range of nationalities, but we also include students of diverse ages and abilities.

Unfortunately, since the start of the pandemic, foreigners have been negatively associated with the coronavirus. Many have experienced prejudice in getting vaccines and/or healthcare, accused of being the cause of the pandemic, and there is even the view that Koreans are immune to covid, but that foreigners are the contagious spreaders, and weakening Koreans due to exposure. Of course, these negative associations are baseless and founded upon fear-mongering, however, foreigners still continue to suffer the consequences.

As our diverse student body faces unique challenges and dangers, and includes those higher in age and immunocompromised, we urge Ewha ELC to follow in the footsteps of the other YES schools. Protect our students by starting the winter semester in a hybrid format.

A shift from 100% online to 100% offline during the highest record of outbreak since the first reported case of coronavirus is neglectful of the needs of the student body. With winter comes its own set of difficulties, like transportation in the snow and the flu, for example. With coronavirus on top of it all, and currently at its worst, we impress upon the Ewha ELC to support student success and safety by allowing a period of acclimation and investigation through this method.

Protect our students' health and reputation. Support the foreigner community in Korea. Contribute positively to Korea's Covid journey. Prepare us all for success.

Let us all move forward one step at a time, so that we don't have to take 5 steps back. Elect a hybrid format for the upcoming 2021 Winter Semester.

90 have signed. Let’s get to 100!