Evident failure of informing the residents of the barangay for the project implementation

Evident failure of informing the residents of the barangay for the project implementation

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Kyla Lorraine Hernandez started this petition to Batangas City Mayor and

Lately, many families including my family lost the pathways that were being used many years because of the implementation of the project called "batching plant" by JASMIG Corporation. Those pathways served as the way for us to get on the road and unfortunately it was included to the property bought by them. We have no right to complain because it is their property but, we, as a resident must be informed for the construction of the plant. Other than losing our way, this batching plant imposes negative effects to us like having a cough because of the inputs to it like sand, aggregate (rocks, gravel, etc.), fly ash, silica fume, slag, and cement. 

There must be a meeting to conduct to discuss the project for our barangay to know if the barangay will allow this plant. The opinions, perceptions, and attitude about the project implementation of every resident of the barangay must be heard and respected. This will avoid misunderstanding and violating the rights of every individual. My mother and Aunties immediately go to the office of the  Mayor. As they've said we don’t have anything to do about it. It must be reported before the construction of the plant because they can do whatever extent they can. Our barangay chairman is with us to say our concerns. The next step we do is to consult with other barangay officials, and they said that from the start they didn’t know anything such as batching plant that will be implemented to the barangay. So after that, we discovered that our barangay chairman is the only one who knows that there will be a plant to be constructed, but he chose not to inform the residents and officials from the very start. As of now, our alternative way is at the back of our house and far to our previous way. Even though there is a way allotted for us from JASMIG, we prefer the way far because it’s just too muddy when there is rain.

As a resident, I hope this plant will comply with the following policies:

The Environment Protection Act 1970 provides for the control of water, air and land pollution, industrial waste and noise. The Act is administered by EPA. Under the Act, discharges of wastes into the environment must accord with State environment protection policies (SEPPs), which identify beneficial uses for particular segments of the environment, and establish ambient objectives and discharge limits. 

The Industrial Waste Management Policy (Waste Minimisation) 1990, specifies
objectives for minimizing industrial waste generation through avoidance and reduction in preference to recycling and reclamation. Best available technology can be required for priority wastes. EPA can require industry to conduct waste audits and prepare waste management plans.

The State Environment Protection Policy (TheAir Environment), which applies to Victoria’s air environment, sets out:
· beneficial uses
· air quality objectives
· design ground level concentrations
· plume calculation (dispersion modeling)procedures
· control requirements for specific industry groups.

Concrete batching plants must be located in an area where they will not pose a hazard to the environment or the amenity of the local community.

Highly alkaline wastewater, dust emissions, and noise are the key potential impacts associated with concrete batching plants. These problems need to be considered when planning new operations and major upgrades of existing sites.

Plants should be located so that contaminated stormwater and process wastewater can be retained on-site. The land should not be flood-prone (it should have a flood average recurrence interval less than 100 years). These measures will help to ensure that wastewater is not discharged to waterways. Dust problems can be minimized by siting the concrete batching plant out of prevailing high winds.

The prevailing wind direction should be considered during the planning proposal, to ensure that bunkers and conveyors are sited in the leeward direction to minimize the effects of the wind. The provision of natural or artificial wind barriers – such as trees, fences, and landforms – to help control the emission of dust from the plant should be considered during the planning process.

To protect amenity, buffers should be provided between batching plants and sensitive land uses. Buffers are designed to minimize any potential impacts due to accidental or fugitive air emissions. They assume that good control practices will be followed and do not eliminate the need for effective point source emission control.

What I'd wanted to say is that barangay chairman must prioritize his or her residence. All projects must be discussed properly and informed all the residents that may be affected by it. And I am writing this petition for the improvement of every official especially the chairman of the barangay. People who are in the government must conduct more training and not tolerate actions that have a bad effect on other residents. Situation analysis and justification of the importance of project implementation must be considered before implementing the project.


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