Proof Check Fancy Hygiene Claims by Service Providers to Prevent Community Transmission

Proof Check Fancy Hygiene Claims by Service Providers to Prevent Community Transmission

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Delhi is predicted to have as much as 5,50,000 cases by the end of July as per deputy CM, despite strict government guidelines to contain Covid-19 spread. What's the use of guidelines if we can not have a system to track whether they are being followed or not?

Any service we use be it a salon, restaurant, hotel, clothing retail there is a humungous risk of infection to us, thereby risking not only our lives but that of our families as well. There is no transparent access to data like stores’ hygiene status, past records or any way to proof-check on fancy hygiene claims these retailers make.
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Many online companies claimed to provide zero contact delivery during the lockdown, but alas, there was a case of a 19-year-old pizza delivery boy in Delhi testing positive for COVID-19 and putting at risk the lives of as much as 72 families. If this is the standard in lockdown, how can one expect any kind of assurance in the unlock phase?

Offline stores who had ₹0 income in past 2 months have to pay overdue rent and other bills, making them least bothered about our health. They are merely making claims of hygiene measures without any proof/evidence, thereby risking our nation's public health.

Stand with us as we raise our voices for ours and our families safety. Sign and share this petition ardently asking for a proof-check of essential hygiene claims and an exclusive certification (like Hallmark) for those handful service providers/offline stores who understand their moral responsibility and genuinely practice up to mark hygiene measures as per govt. guidelines for a Healthy India. Jai Hind!