Reinstate Dorothy Doronila to ASB President

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As many of us know, Dorothy unfairly "voluntarily stepped down" from her position as ASB president due to the malicious intent and actions of another individual. Dorothy is the embodiment of what the perfect student, friend, and ASB President are, and the fact that the EVHS admin has made her the scapegoat of a misunderstanding is appalling, to say the least. Dorothy has dedicated her entire high school career to EVHS, to the student body, admin, and to ROAR. She is well known around school as a model student, and her dedication alone is what has made my class, 2018, more spirited and involved, as well as the rest of our school by changing the negative stigma leadership has held. EVHS admin have grossly underestimated the effects of their hasty actions on our school. By twisting her words and threatening her with false claims, the admin of EV have undermined all that Dorothy has done for the school. She has gone above and beyond in demonstrating ROAR and has done more for the school than any admin has. We need to take a stand against the admin and reinstate Dorothy to her rightful, deserved role of ASB president. #ForeverMyPresident

Additional information/insight on the situation: (c) Will Fahey

I am writing this petition on my own free will to reflect my views and concerns as well as those of many of my fellow classmates.

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