Women CAN lift weights too

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Decades have passed and human race keeps getting larger. Man and woman became more built, knowledgeable, creative, productive and sadly unfair. There is no secret that God made man first and then molded the woman from the ribs of the man, making the woman a man’s companion. But as the years grew and the world slowly changed, man became more dominant. A man’s duty is to hunt and protect and a woman’s duty is to care and to keep. And because of this, man became more of a leader of the pack and woman became a guide. In the year of the war, man became a central leader, they built businesses and establishments. They joined the army and not surprisingly the army is full of men.                                                         

A woman’s statute that time was to wear flimsy dresses with tight corsets, hats that are larger than their heads, fans of different color, and a head dress of different ponytails that became the symbol of a housewife, comfort woman, slave and gossipers. A great group of women fought for the injustice of being unfair. But they wear not universally heard. Years again have passed and slowly the injustice is gaining attention. Slowly, woman grew to the liking of having businesses, cake shops, teaching, sewing, and many more. Slavery increased but it slowly died down as many more women fought for their rights. Groups, fraternities, ‘kilusan’ and many more merged, fighting for woman empowerment. And then for the first time ever, one woman became a president. And it changed some of the people’s perspective. That woman can become a leader. They can lead, strive, fight and also be a friend and a wife at the same time. In this generation, man and women became quite equal. But not all heard the protests and continue to be unfair. By signing this petition, we can make our voices be heard. Women and men CAN become equal. And this is our way to push this empowerment.