Let’s commit to kindness & helping each other during the Covid19 outbreak #Covid19Kindness

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Right now, there’s a lot of anxiety and uncertainty about how Covid-19 will affect us. In the past, people and communities have faced, and come through, many difficult situations because they’ve recognised their common humanity, stuck together and supported each other. Now is that time again.

In the midst of all the fears around the Covid-19 virus, it’s important that we follow the clinical advice on actions for staying healthy and avoiding infecting others. We must also look to each other, to support and be kind to each other, to help us get through it.

By signing this petition, you commit to take three actions to play your part, individually and with others, in getting everyone through the Covid-19 outbreak. Let’s show a sense of togetherness and kindness we can all unite behind.

I commit to show kindness by:

1) Supporting others: such as friends, older neighbours, co-workers and family members who might be at risk, isolated, vulnerable or lacking information

2) Being socially responsible: not panic buying, helping to make sure there’s enough of everything to go around, not spreading misinformation and unofficial advice, and showing kindness and compassion in all my interactions (on and offline)

3) Saying “thank you”: showing gratitude to others who are taking action to help keep us well and safe

Tweet your support and spread the word with the hashtag #Covid19Kindness

Thank you,
Dr Adrian Hayter, GP in a personal capacity