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Petitioning Everyone who wants retail OUT of Thanksgiving and Holidays!

Boycott all retailers that begining Black Friday before 4am Friday morning.

As a service industry employee, I understand that there will be busy times of the year. I also work on holidays, but I am also given plenty of time to be with my family or friends and actually be able to ENJOY that time. Having the thought of having to work immediately after enjoying your holiday, or having to leave EARLY, just to satisfy greed is beyond distasteful. These retailers bring in plenty of money for them to afford a REAL holiday for their employees.

We as consumers are the most powerful voice for these workers. It is time that we stand up and tell these retail giants that enough is enough. Holidays are a time to gather with family and friends, free from the stresses of work. It is a time to recharge and indulge in, for many of these workers, is much needed personal time to decompress and relax.

Please, stand with me and refuse to spend any of your hard-earned money at retailers who cannot respect that holidays should not involve them.

Thank you

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  • Everyone who wants retail OUT of Thanksgiving and Holidays!

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