The Rise of Social Media Usage: Action against Disinformation!

The Rise of Social Media Usage: Action against Disinformation!

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The Rise of Social Media Usage: Combating Disinformation

Social media consumption has increased significantly because of the pandemic. It has become a staple in our everyday life since it’s our main source of information and communication. It has its positive sides, but it could also become a gateway for the widespread of false information.


Getting the attention of fellow social media users who are gullible enough to trust every information it sees on different platforms. Several malicious contents are whole over on the internet and our petition goals are to lessen the victims related to this issue where it can have a negative impact on them. The project desires for users to acquire self-awareness in reading such pieces of information from either reliable/unreliable resource. Also, it enlightens people on the internet of the rights we have in using social media platforms. If we can't stop people with bad ambitions, we can prevent users from involving themselves.


We aim to raise awareness about misinformation and reduce the risk that social media poses to individuals. This is significant to educate as many people as possible about the hazards that social media entails. It is crucial in the 21st Century, where we may obtain information with a single click, to only acquire information that is credible. The internet is a sophisticated environment where people may input all types of data for various purposes; some seek to promote positivity, while others misuse and exploit it by spreading misinformation.


As much as possible, with the spread of wrong information due to different platforms wherein the others are not reliable, a lot of people are being fooled with this kind of situation. Our aim is to spread right information, ways and preventions in order for us to know or obtain the right information that we deserve. Accuracy and reliability is the main key to the information that we need to obtain for us to stay aware and cautious with everything that's happening around us. Moreover, we will make sure that the provides information are all adequate and updated ensuring the recent date published. Therefore, we will only get our information within the scholarly articles and other reliable sources.


Fake news has been rampant nowadays and its effects has not been noticed since they detract people away from the important issues. We highly recommend that you use credible sources before sharing it to avoid spreading disinformation. You must educate yourself in order to understand how internet trolls manipulate the news, so you won’t become a victim of their antics. Another action you could do is to abolish any bias in checking the news because a lot of people, especially in the political spectrum, believe only the things they want to believe Being knowledgeable and claiming responsibility for the information that we share will surely make our social media algorithm positive.

Signing this petition will not only help us fight against social media disinformation but it will also provide people awareness of the other problems we are faced against right now. As said earlier we aim to raise awareness about misinformation and reduce the risk that social media poses to individuals.

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9 have signed. Let’s get to 10!