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Fire Scott Gimple as showrunner of TWD

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We all know by now what Scott Gimple did to Chandler Riggs who plays as Carl on the show. It's time for us to take a stand and say goodbye to Gimple now before he makes anymore of his own personal decisions by killing anyone else off on the show who's still going in the comics before it's THEIR time. The Riggs family just recently purchaed a house within the vicinity of Senoia, GA where filming takes place and where Chandler will be attending college. Neither one wouldn't interfere with each other. But Gimple took it upon himself to fire Chandler. And now, here we are. He made this GIGANTIC mistake he knew wouldn't fly but did it anyway just like when Frank Darabont was showrunner for the 1st few seasons and now Gimple has put himself in Frank's position with us fans. Sign this petition today to help get rid of Gimple. Yes. He's brpught the show closer to the comics since S5 and until now but I for one am done seeing this show becoming something twisted and doesn't make any sense anymore. Yes. The slight changes are indeed pretty cool even though still very confusing. But no. The drastic changes need to stop and NOW before S9 filming season begins which is in May. He killed off Carl for not a good enough reason and didn't give a good enough reason to Chandler, The Riggs family nor the fans for his personal "reasoning". He has to go and NOW is the time to do it before he gets waaaaaaaaay too out of hand. Please help all of us fans of the comics and show fire Gimple NOW. 

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Rachel Thompson needs your help with “Everyone who signs this and wants him gone just as bad as the rest of us fans of the comics and show: Fire Scott Gimple as showrunner of TWD”. Join Rachel and 5,548 supporters today.