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Help My babies and I

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In my town a certain judge was made to retire because he was not reunifing enough children back to there family's and instead making money on removal and forever homes. It's in our public news paper called the record eagle.  Well, my children are on that list. I need everyone that will to sign this petition. Think of your children being taken from a perfect home and than given to a differ family. Not cool Right? Well, I calledthe cps worker who took my children and she says I was a perfectly good mother fighting abuse and trying to keep her babies out of the system. I never was a drug attic she said and I never desirved what happened to me. When my babies where taken and before while preganent with my daughter worked 40 plus hours a week doing hair. We it was too late but my ex that was abusing me plead guilty to abuse in a different case and stood up and said everyone that called cps on me was to benefit him and thinking if he didn't he would never see his daughter again. I have all the proof in the world to prove my case. I even sent it to Fhiger law and he said I had a good case. Just not enough money for him. So obviously I'm trying to get my babies back where they belong. The woman that has my children at the moment lied on the stand helping the judge and cps. I'm trying to help every low income family who cannot afford an atturny.  In 1997 Bill Clinton signed a bill to make cps a cash cow. Please help me fight and keep our children safe from the system.

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