Increase the gold drop rates, free unequipped, molagora recalled, full stamina refill

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Celia Epic7
Celia Epic7 signed this petition

The reason why we did this petition is because our voices are never be heard or to be exact we always got the silent treatment and no answers, these changes are definitely going to make a huge impact not only for the players but also for the game, but we truly believe it is going to be a super positive one, these voices are true and came from real persons who have been supporting the game from the start (paying players and free players), we pledge to keep supporting the game as long as possible if the change(s) are being addressed seriously, or at least get an answer to the question(s) we asked.

The game is so dear to us, that's why we want it to be enjoyable to everyone, but in the current state, there are couple of concerns, and those concerns have been voiced out but nonetheless - we got the opposite answers from what we expected, so please make these changes happens, so then we could build more positive vibe for the future of the whole experience playing the game we all love.

Thank you,
- Celia (◠‿◠✿)