Please, sign the petition! Help defeat Ignorance!

Please, sign the petition! Help defeat Ignorance!

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Татьяна Бугрова создал(а) эту петицию, адресованную everyone who knows the laws of physics

Please, sign the petition! Help defeat Ignorance!

Help defeat the ignorance of the city authorities by returning a living monument of evolution – the Redox Arch of Electric Vitamins to its former place for the 800th anniversary of the city of Nizhny Novgorod. Having become the main character of a fairy tale of physicists, awarded the prize of the Nobel laureate V. Ginzburg, this living monument “day and night” worked for education and for increasing the innovative and tourist attractiveness of Kulibin’s homeland.Арка_электрических_витаминов 

One signature in the petition will leave your mark on the formation of a new science called Redox ( the science of rational use of the laws of natural science and being, which was born in the city of Nizhny Novgorod and which will stop global warming. Why? Just because it is impossible to solve the issues of climate changes on the planet without realizing the simple truth: a person is a living redox system, just like the Earth redox system.

The Earth gives a person an opportunity to oxidize the carbon of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates by reducing oxygen, and then, with carbon dioxide and other emissions, carbon returns to the Earth.

Walking barefoot on the Earth living redox system, a person produces electric vitamins. They participated in the formation of ancient brain structures, and now they are the future of the digitalization of both human and the Earth.

Here on this land nine years ago in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, for the purpose of education, the inventor S. Bugrovinstalled a monument patented as an educational and entertainment attraction – an innovation in the field of science, art, and education.

The fact that the monument is alive, citizens and guests of the city were convinced directly from their own experience. Andthere were a lot of people who wanted to make sure! A rare wedding cortege drove past the public garden on Markin Square, where there was the Arch of Electric Vitamins. Students, schoolchildren, mothers with children, just passers-by – entered the Arch with interest. Being in it and interacting with each other, people saw that the stronger the kiss, the stronger the handshake, the louder the “Now a kiss”, the more the ammeter pointer deviates, they understood how the laws of Ohm, Newton, Faraday, and Nernst work in the sensations and emotions of a person, they felt the sour taste in the experiment of A. Volta, they understood that life is impossible without redox processes as the main source of energy, and Elon Musk’s Tesla car will not move without them either.

It is this worldwide process of awareness of absolute truths that leads to the creation of green technologies, a quantum computer (a redox transistor for spintronics has already been created artificial intelligence.

It is with the help of redox processes (everyone has a redox battery in their smartphone) that a person has endowed the Earth with a brain function – a neural network that will find solutions both in stopping the process of global warming and in protecting against pandemics.

After all, the city of Nizhny Novgorod made its contribution to providing the Earth with a neural network back in 1896! It was Popov’s lightning detector – the forerunner of radio, television,and a smartphone at Expo, the world exhibition. And 100 years later, at the anniversary art and industrial exhibition, the Redox company receives a government award for innovation, namely redox generators of electric vitamins.

On the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the city of inventors, it is appropriate to recall the fact that Kulibin, with the quote “all the forces of the tube are truer”, anticipated one of Elon Musk’s innovations – a train in the Hyperloop vacuum tube.

And this quote can be found on the monument to Kulibin by the architect Nelyubin. It was on the bridge of this architect, wherewas the Redox Arch of Electric Vitamins.

...But, as it should be, there must be a villain in a fairy tale. In the “Fairy tale of physicists”, this villain was Ignorance in the name of one of the doctors of physical and mathematical sciences and others like him – vandals-members of the pocket science of capital without intelligence. They tried to harm the monument as much as they could: they poured mud on it, called it visual garbage and advertising. They hung locks on the chain of a children’s bicycle, demonstrating the work of the laws of physics.

And some good people believed the professor (who strangely does not know about Ohm’s law) that the Inventor hides small batteries in the Arch of Kisses, and began to dig through the columns in a vain search for these batteries...

Nevertheless, the Inventor gave another property to the living monument – to experimentally test the knowledge of Ohm’s law by closing the columns of the monument made of different metals with a wire. Will the ammeter show currents or not?

People began to be surprised and even better understand the great power of physics. However, it did not work out! Nevertheless, Ignorance, which does not know Ohm’s law, managed to deceive the Inventor. Ignorance said at a meeting of those in power that by the 800th anniversary of the city after the reconstruction of the fountain, its jets will fly over the bridge of Nelyubin, and the monument of evolution against the background of blooming apple trees will interfere with this beautiful spectacle. The Inventor was surprised by such a bold idea, but thought: Ignorance will not have the mind to implement such a solution. But the news was presented with a threat to destroy a living monument of evolution, and the Inventor decided not to tempt its fate. The Inventor dismantled the monument and hid it in a secluded place.

And Ignorance, as expected, could not subordinate the fountain’s jets to its will, but now it is complacently walking around an empty place and rubbing its hands – it is not necessary, they say, for people to know about the new science called Redox and teach children physics in the open air.

Please, sign the petition! Help defeat the ignorance! In order to ensure, according to the law of the genre, a good ending to the fairy tale and to return a living monument of evolution to its native place by the 800th anniversary of Kulibin’s homeland, which the Inventor can do in one night and for free.

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Когда эта петиция соберет 2 500 подписей, она вероятнее всего сможет заинтересовать локальные медиа!