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Stop the United States from imposing an unfair 300% tariff on Bombardier Planes!

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Help us protest against the unfair and ridiculous 300% import tariff imposed by the U.S. Department of Commerce and Boeing on Canadian-made Bombardier CSeries jets!

In late September 2017, the commercial aerospace industry changed forever.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has decided to implement a 300% tariff on all Bombardier CS100 and CS300 aircraft destined for airlines in the United States, following a trade complaint with Bombardier's American rival, Boeing. 

The CS100 and CS300 are a new family of innovative aircraft designed to serve the 100-160 seat market. The CS100 (officially known as the BD-500-1A10) seats 108 to 133 passengers, while the larger CS300 (officially known as the BD-500-1A11) seats 130-160 passengers.

Now, why is this so significant? Well, the Bombardier CSeries isn't your typical "sardine can" jetliner. It promises to deliver a unique and refreshing experience for passengers. Although it is a single-aisle jet, technological and aesthetically improvements allow the interior to feel like a wide-body jet. Notable improvements to the passenger experience include larger windows, higher-capacity pivoting overhead bins, a 5-abreast layout (with only one middle seat per row), and 18.5 inches of seat width throughout economy. By comparison, Airbus A320 economy seats are typically 18 inches wide, and Boeing 737 economy seats are usually 17 inches wide. Moreover, the CSeries is a very cost efficient aircraft to operate for airlines. The CSeries' PW1500G Geared Turbofan engines allow for a 20% lower fuel burn compared to existing narrow-body aircraft, as well as a 15% reduction in the cost per mile per passenger, as well as a 25% maintenance reduction. In addition, the use of composite materials on the CSeries, as well as other newly-developed technology, allow for a 15% reduction in operating costs compared to the A320ceo and B737NG, and a 12% reduction in operating costs compared to the A320neo and B737 MAX. 

It is obvious that Bombardier's CSeries is destined to be a game-changer in the commercial aviation industry. However, aerospace giant Boeing thinks otherwise. By filing a lawsuit to Bombardier, Boeing claims that the sale of 75 CS100 jets to Delta Air Lines was "below market price," and called for the U.S. government to impose heavy taxes and tariffs on U.S. airlines that are buying the CSeries. Boeing is abusing American trade laws in this regard, and it is making a false claim that the CSeries is hurting competition. In reality, Boeing's last jet in the 100-130 seat market was the McDonnell-Douglas-designed 717. The 717's production line was terminated in 2006. Boeing's smallest jet is the 737 MAX 7, designed to serve markets of roughly 140 seats, well beyond the capacity of the CSeries.

Truth be told, Boeing does not offer any aircraft that directly competes with the CSeries. By filing an unfair lawsuit, causing the Department of Commerce to impose tariffs, Boeing is instigating an all-out trade war between the United States and Canada. The only way to stop this is to prevent the final ruling of this case, expected in March 2018, to go the way of Boeing, which could potentially harm relations between the United States and its neighbor. By signing this petition, you can help by allowing the voice of the general public - the passengers who fly on commercial aircraft - to be heard. The CSeries is truly the airplane of the future, when compared to Airbus and Boeing's decades-old designs. Should the United States Government choose to drop this case in Bombardier's favor, passengers would once again enjoy glamour in the skies, on the CS100 aircraft coming to Delta Airlines in March 2018.

Please help us by signing this petition against Boeing and the United States Department of Commerce. Every signature helps! We want the voice of the general public to be heard, so that justice could be heard in the midst of Boeing's ridiculous and unfair abuse of U.S. Trade Laws! As always, I express my sincere gratitude to all of my supporters in this case. 

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