My babies back where they should be in mummy's home

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Let me take you a few years back I had met this "man" who I thought was my world turned out he was a very violent bully I had two beautfuill babies with him. I left the relationship cut all contact with him worked on course & had worker's visiting me at home all the professional's commented on how well I am doing with the changes I've made for mine / babies future. After losing everything possibly I could of lost I met someone else the relationship was great I soon realised I became pregnant shocked but over the moon scared / frightened I knew social was going too become involved because of the history. I worked with them ,kept in contact about how my pregnancy was going worked on assements with them had family / friends support social was aware of this. I went into labour a little earlier then 40 weeks he was born I phoned the social worker & asked what happens now I was scared / happy at this time my emtion's was everywhere the social worker came in the next day I said whats the next steps from here she told me she didn't know I knew she did know I held back the tears and grasped hold of my baby boy while he was peacefully sleeping in my arms. The worker then turnt around and said we will be attending the court arena I asked for placements for family members you name it I asked I. He was then removed from me too be told over & over again the court will make a decision too what they did. I put my self on another course I worked hard with social granted my attitude wasn't the best towards them it's a fighting battle when you have too work with someone who is ripping your life apart at the seems I've been told nemourous times my parenting is not a problem I've suffered with diffrent mental health problems including post patrumen phyciosis  (was at all time   low)  my babies got swished away from me without a care in the world my gp sent in letters stating my mental health is much more stable , had been for 2 years. All social kept telling me was because of the history of domestic violence in my previous relationship how many times could they let this rule my / my beautfuill babies life's! Contacts where great included three times a week with any dr appioment's with my babies. I again recently gave birth this year after passing assement that worked so hard on having meetings checking I had this right support my whole world turnt up side down when they said we're looking for removal at this point honestly I didn't want too go too hospital too give birth I wanted too home birth but I knew deep down my baby needed the right care ect (high risk pregnancy ) the social worker came in on the 2 day of giving birth I was bed bound I had a very bad time after delivery that caused me too go into therate. Me and my babie spent days taking pictures making foot / hand prints bathing him & bonding all the midwifes commented on how well we was doing with our little baby the social worker held a meeting in the hospital with the safe guarding midwife credit when it's due the safe gauding midwife was amazing she only went and offered me & baby a longer stay on the world I cried , cried and rushed too call me mum too inform her of the news. At this point I thought I'm gonna be taking my world home with me a week later he was removed from my arms at the hosptial they called for security as I was screaming please don't take my baby the safe garding midwife put her arms  around me and gave the biggest hug ever she kept telling social how well we was doing in the hospital they refused too listen & took us through court where in am asking for orders or for a placement with my baby boy. Our bond in full of love laughter & plenty of smiles & stories. I have clear statements from midwife ranging to my gp family friends & social care state my parenting is not a problem all I want too do I be a mum too my son watch him grow bath him put fresh jammie's on him & read stories together go for walks . Cradle him when he cries. I have fighter tooth , nail for each of my babies one thing social cannot snatch away from me is my love for each of my babies. It maybe easy too judge the story crack on this issue my story too tell issue chosen too open up too public too share this vile experience not only I'm going through but my babys my family there siblings. When I've done everything & more that has been asked of me il always countine too fight for my little people after all I gave them life they give me a reason too live. My babys have been removed on past history mental health / past history domestic violence. 

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