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Pelan Pelan Bali Resort to pay its debts & STOP CHEATING

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We, Behind of The Lens Films have an agreement with Pelan Pelan Resort (Bali) to create a promotional video. After delivering it, Emma Petronella, the owner, has decided to NOT PAY us for our work and STEAL our footage to use it in another video.


After all our hard work and delivering the videos, Emma changed her mind many times, made us work extra and finally decided to not pay us, USE OUR FOOTAGE, hire other people, block us, and ignore us....But she does not know in this new era of a connected world, WE CAN ALL JOIN FORCES TO STOP ABUSES LIKE THIS.


1 - We faced many difficulties making the video:

Unsatisfied Guests

During our stay, many guests did not want to participate because there were unhappy with Pelan Pelan Bali Resort. They told us that they felt treated in a rude and just money-oriented way, that the websites said that everything is included and  and then they find out that they need to pay hidden extras (like the gas of the motorbikes, the entrances to the temples...). They were also not satisfied with the insufficient and many times late breakfast.


Extra time

Emma asked us to wait until a male guest came and until Putu, (co-owner and boyfriend), who has a neck injury, gets well. We agreed to give more time to this project without any extra cost.

Confusion in the message for the video

Emma expressed that she wants the video to be mainly about surf to bring more experienced surfers to stay at Pelan Pelan. After researching and interviewing the guests we realized that her idea was wrong as they were not coming for the surf. They were surfing virgins who were scared about the experience. She understood and agreed to not give surf so much importance in the main video. Showing our goodwill and to fulfill her wishes, we even created a free separate Surf video for her.

Pelan Pelan Surf Therapy

Bad choice of Picking surfing day for drone shoot.

Even though, we and the drone operator insisted so much that it is not good conditions for surfing, she was adamant that the shooting should be that day and that there will be good waves, which finally did not happen. You can notice the small waves in the surf video we made for her in the link above.


​2 - We fulfilled our part of the agreement. We worked hard for Pelan Pelan for 15 days, delivering a video including all Emma asked us for:

  • Surf should be first (we created even an extra separate video for surf!).
  • The concept of Pelan Pelan "Take it easy", relax...
  • Balinese Culture, incense, temple, ceremony, food...
  • Drone shots showing the location and facilities, yoga hall,
  • Swimming pool, chilling area, rooms, garden...
  • Not many interviews/talking
  • Yoga classes
  • Meditation
  • Nature shots
  • Massages
  • Logo of Pelan Pelan

You can watch one of the two versions of the video we made for Pelan Pelan here:

Pelan Pelan video


And this is the video she created using our footage: 

3 - We delivered the 2 videos and gave all the footage to Pelan Pelan and everybody was happy about it. We did not received any single negative feedback.


4 - Few days later, Emma changed her mind and send us an email asking us to include a long list of changes in the video. We can present the proof to anyone who needs it as it is all on e-mail.


5 - We met and agreed to even work further on all her EXTRA requirements.


6 - While waiting for her to resume the work, Emma called us to say that she changed her mind again, she hired other people, breaking unilaterally our agreement and deciding to not pay for our work.


7- She blocked us for any communication, trying to just ignore us and STEALING the footage we created for her to edit another video for Pelan Pelan Bali Resort!!!! 

She blocked us on all the sources of communications and try to delete all publications on internet we made about this injustice.

Please help us to STOP THIS INJUSTICE signing this petition to ask Pelan Pelan to pay for the videos delivered to them, to stop their abuses and to state clearly the true conditions of their packages for their guest.


Behind the Lens Films



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