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Get young people to represent Guttenberg

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The small town of Guttenberg is a quiet retirement based town but with that it lacks the ability to offer entertainment for teens and young adults. Years ago there were comic book stores, a movie theater that was connected to a bowling alley and more. Unfortunately they have all been shut down therefore eliminating any entertainment for young people. There have been opportunities where Guttenberg had been offered more revenue in their town but the Board has turned them all down since they believe that Guttenberg should just be a retirement town, not thinking about keeping young people in their town. 

I can not stress enough in how many young people we have. I work at a local daycare and we have so many kids that we are booked. There are so many that go to the school here as well, and if we want them to stay and be a part of Guttenberg we need to do something more for them.

Also since there is nothing for young people to do they tend to get themselves into trouble, yes, the school offers sports programs but that doesn't help each and every young person. As for the young adults there is nothing offered to them to keep them to stay. If we had more entertainment in town then it could keep a lot of teens out of unnecessary trouble and keep young adults here. As for the sports program the school had also CUT art funds so that left a lot of teens with nothing to do and no way to discover their creativity. 

A way to get more revenue and entertainment to this town would be to have opportunities to allow young adults to get onto the Board so that they can be a voice for all.  


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