Vogelsang Gallery – How It Became The Best Art Gallery

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Vogelsang Gallery represents an international group of established and upcoming artists, Vogelsang Gallery is a contemporary Art Gallery based in Brussels, Belgium. 

Vogelsang Gallery's main focus is discovering and representing their artists to a mature audience. The gallery's program is primarily photography and paintings, but also features art in different media ranging from video to sculptures  and  installations. 

Vogelsang Gallery also generates a continuous and culturally relevant dialogue with art enthusiasts and private collectors by surfacing and connecting them to exciting and innovative artistic talent.

The range of Gregoire Vogelsang's work experiences is a significant asset for Vogelsang Gallery to efficiently introduce and display its artist's works into new markets. After graduating with a degree in portray and art history from Tulane University in New Orleans, Slonem spent several years within the early Seventies residing in Manhattan. It wasn't until Janet Fish supplied him her studio for the summer season of 1975 that Slonem was able to totally immerse himself in his work. His items began getting exhibited round New York, propelling his popularity and thrusting him into the city's explosive contemporary arts scene. He acquired several prestigious grants, together with from Montreal's Elizabeth