Stop the shadowban on twitter

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Since a few months, twitter users are being victims of the so called "shadowban". This is especially visible for Starlights. A Starlight is the name of a fan of the kpop group VIXX.

We are not aware of doing anything wrong, but we see more and more of our friends getting shadowbanned.

If you don't know what a shadowban is: it's as if you're made invisible on Twitter. You don't see anything different, but other users of twitter will not see your tweets/replies. It's as if you're a ghost.

It's really annoying, especially when it goes on for weeks. For a few hours you're off the ban but tweet anything, and you're banned again. Even when you haven't tweeted for 10 (ten) days. One tweet is all it takes to get you banned, again!

We think something is seriously wrong, but all attempts to contact Twitter have failed. So we're more or less forced to use this option. We can't think of anything else. Please help us stay on twitter, to freely discuss and encourage our favorite group VIXX, and other fans of regardles which groups of artists.

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