Tyler, the creators visa to be approved

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The Hon, Mr David Coleman

MP Parliament House

Ministerial Office

Minister for Immigration, Citizenship & Multicultural Affairs

Dear Minister
Today I am writing to you in hope that you agree to approve Tyler, the creators visa so that he can come to Australia.
In 2013, the group “collective shout” wrote a letter to the then australian immigration minister calling for US rapper, producer and clothing designer, Tyler the creator to have his visa denied for many reasons and allegations it was sadly successful. Since 2013 Tyler has grown into an empowering role model for the youth of Australia, with albums such as cherry bomb, wolf and flower boy becoming the helping hand for Australians going through a rough time. Tyler has always been an inspiration to me growing up, because he continously strives for greatness and proves people wrong every day and doesn’t follow the Stereotypical African American rap culture, his music has helped Me in rough times for serveral years now. He runs a heavily successful and sought after clothing company called “Golf”, he has recently completed doing music for the newest version of Dr, Seusses’ iconic “The Grinch”, tyler along with his team also organises and runs the successful annual music festival called “Camp Flog Gnaw” in American with artists such as Kayne West, Post Malone, Ms Lauren hill, Tyler himself, Brockhampton, Earl Sweatshirt, Rex Orange County & Kid Cudi performing this year among others. Yes his had a rough past but he has grown and has inspired many people around Australia and the world to give everything in life a try. Myself along with many others are calling for his visa to be approved and reconsidered so that he can gain access into Australia and perform and to continue to inspire the Australian youth.
Yours sincerely,
Callum Hartland