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To remove the petition against ohrsom students

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It has come to our attention, that a petition has been created which directly defaces, humiliates and targets Ohrsom Students as an organization entity. By using opinionated statements and views, biased claims and above all, false information, to propagate their selfish agenda, they have launched a community-wide  (dare I say country-wide) attack on a respectable institution. Owing to their personal feelings towards modern culture, dress code and their ignorance towards parents' accountability and parents' ill disciplined children: they have created a false agenda. They have used false assumptions to support their one-sided and single-minded "facts". Consequently, they may be correct in some points such as the problem with an open bar as this does encourage excessive indulgence, at the indiviual's discretion. However, it is unacceptable to target Ohrsom as the sole perpetrator, and deceive the general public by not addressing the parents who knew their underage children were attending this event. If they do were unaware, then this is an issue to be solved within the home itself. With or without a fake ID, their intentions were clear: to drink and attempt to deceive security in order to gain access to the party. By speaking to many eye witnesses and participants of this event, we have assessed that there were no people actively "going around and forcing alcohol down teenagers throats" causing the need for ambulances. It was each indiviual's responsibility to know their limit, those who do not take care suffer the consequences, and if they are undrage, all the more so that they should not have been there in the first place. Moreover the event was advertised as strictly over 18, with the right of admission reserved. In conclusion, we feel that this petition that was made in the name of the Glenhazel Jewish community is a vile and disgusting representation of Johannesburg Jewery. It was made as an attack on a single organisation, with the intention to divide and discredit a respectable youth movement who do not follow the "Kiruv" ideology of a select group of people. Sign or do not sign, the choice is yours, this was made to combat a false representation that is getting unnecessary publicity and is being taken out of context and control. Help us raise awareness of ignorance in our populace and maybe as a community we can come together to fight the real underlying issues. We must not group against a single person/entity and force them to take the fall and all the blame, that is not the Jewish way.

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