Stop posting pictures and videos of accidents before next of kin is notified

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On Feb 18 2018 my uncle Jeff Walker died in a fatal car accident, before next of kin was notified there was pictures of the accident on social media. I had to find out of my uncle’s death through a text message because they were trying to get to me before I went on Facebook. The last thing a grieving family needs to see is the pictures and videos of their loved ones smashed up vehicle. It is understood that news needs to aware people of road closures but we are able to do so without the graphic pictures. I am asking those of you to find it in your hearts how you would feel if you saw your loved ones accident plastered on Facebook, and understand why this is an issue. If you see posts like this, please don’t share them in hopes we can stop the use of these graphic and heart breaking photos from being shared, so that other families do not need to suffer the same. 

I would like it known that I have nothing but love and respect for Police and EMS responders for trying their hardest to do their jobs efficiently. While they are attending to an accident they do not have the time to ask people to refrain from taking pictures and sharing pictures, this petition is aimed to change the way civilians and reporters think before taking pictures and posting to social media.