The release of Colten Elswick charged with 4th degree assault and terroristic threatening

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In the aftermath of the horrible tragedy Monday, January 22nd, 2018 at Marshall County Highschool, the state and nation have been on edge. Understandably so, but we must be careful that our emotions do NOT run so high that we make impaired judgements could affect someone's life in an extreme manner. 

Colten Elswick is now being detained at the Brethitt County Juevenile Detention Center with the charges of 4th degree Assault and Terroristic Threatening. The KSP performed an initial investigation, and came to the conclusion that only one child should be charged. The other was allowed to return to school and is considered the victim. The issue is a video that has surfaced shortly after the arrest was made containing evidence that Colten was actually the victim of extreme bullying, and in the video the victim of pre-meditated battery.

This is the video, a video that has not been taken into consideration by the Kentucky State Police in making their judgement. We request that Colten be released from the Juevenile Detention Center until such time as a proper investigation can be done and all parties involved can be rightfully brought to justice. Either they're all guilty, of none of them are. We cannot allow emotion to dictate justice.