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Me and my friend berat :) :Because of the VAR-System football is not football like before it was. It‘s just people from above deciding who or which team is going to win and it‘s not fair. It’s normal that some ref‘s make mistakes and that we discuss about it but with the VAR-System the fun of football is gone. I or even the other people have no more fun at watching football or aren’t excited as they were before and that is a big problem. Even players like Sergio Ramios or Zlatan Ibrahimović aren’t able to make their „moves“ because they’re watched from the VAR-System.Players are all going to be same if they keep going with this unnecessary tool. For what is the ref then there? For being a guy who is running all over the place for nothing ?

One Person from the UK (Aidan C.): VAR will ruin football so stop it and help. The addition of Video Assistant Referees will ruin the spontaneity, passion and enjoyment of the game for match going fans, regardless of any improvements made to the system itself. People often point to the success VAR has seen in other sports, such as rugby and cricket, though these sports fundamentally differ to football in terms of flow and excitement.

Decisions can't always be right, with or without VAR, and that was always seen as a compelling part of the game. The purity of the game is why football is the most watched sport in the world, and why it benefits from incredible atmospheres in the stadiums, such as 'La Bombonera' in Argentina - Which we don't see in any other sport. It seems like an odd approach to try and 'fix' what is already universally the most popular sport, by introducing sterilising measures that take away from the spectacle, especially when the money and effort could be better spent on more worthy causes relating to the game.