Stop Zack From Being Expelled

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A guy being expelled ? Did he fight ? Did he take drugs ? Did he scold teachers ? No , he did not , but he just shared a picture on his instagram story. Lim Zack is a student from SMK Seksyen 4 , a kind , diligent student who has served and contributed everything he can to the school. It is almost known by everyone that he will do everything he can to just help the school.During the assembly, there is a voice that can be heard from miles away, there will be a voice of him singing the national, state and school anthem.
Things go back to the date of 14th of March , there is a fake notice and the Ministry of Education , Principal , Vice Principal and the school’s name was used in the notice. Who is the culprit ? No one knows , because the school did not investigate properly to find the culprit who did such a bad thing. They also didn’t catch the guy who viralled this on facebook . Instead , they caught him as a scrape goat just because of sharing the fake notice that he saw in the toilet out of curiosity. This is the 21st century , millennials shares everything they see on the Internet.
And yes , he has done something wrong , but the thing is bringing his phone to school , and using his phone in school. Is sharing something like this really that big of a case to be lead to expelling ? How would a 17 y/o kid even think that far before sharing something ? Would he think that some guy on Facebook
would viral this on Facebook ? No . Would he think that this would affect the school’s reputation ? No. He is just a normal person , just like us , when he saw something funny , he just wanted to share it to others with no bad attentions. He had served his life to entertain others.But this simple action , had bring a lot of trouble to him .The school magnified his small mistakes into bigger ones and charged him with a crime of “spreading political propagandas” and won’t give him a chance no matter what. Did he wore his school uniform and went for a political demonstration on the street ? Then how is this related to spreading political propagandas? How is this fair for a student, just because the school can’t find the culprit to give the ministry and society a answer. Instead,they caught the guy who showed the world , the true faces of the culprit who did such a bad thing. Without him, the school won’t even know that someone out there is using the school’s and ministry’s name to make the society panic. And he is not the only one who shared it , but the school just won’t let him go away. How is it fair when you are not the culprit and not the only one who shared it , you take full responsibility.

As a good student, he felt remorse and repent about his actions and decided to plea guilty to the school. Unfortunately,the school didn’t tolerate him, didn’t forgive him and still continued on their decision , which is expelling him. This decision has effected him mentally and emotionally, he is now depressed because he never expected this to happen in his life. Now, living day by day is a difficulty for him, and to be mentally prepared to face his life is a challenge for him.
He was a good student and didn’t have anything on his record. Now his record will have a black spot for rest of his life for something he had done and didn’t do. This petition is done not for rebelling the school , but just to show the related departments on how people feel about this decision. Is this decision really been done wisely or it has been done just out of anger.
All is up for you to decide �
(This is a democratic society, we all hope and believe that sharing our own opinions won’t lead to being expelled, so please feel free so sign this petition , for Lim Zack and for justice and for democracy )