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Stop the Euthanasia of Our Dog

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Please Help Us Fight Our Municipality From Euthanizing Our Dog, A Pit-bull Named Ko. Ko Is A Sweet Old Girl. She Has NEVER Shown Any Aggression, She Has NEVER Bit Anyone, Nor Does She Scare Any Person. Ko Is So Very Loving. Ko Was Born and Raised With Love. We Are Asking All Of You To Please Sign This Petition To Help Save Our Dog and Let Her Live Out The Rest Of Her Last Few Years In Peace. We Recently Bought A House In A New Neighbourhood And Someone Has Repeatedly Called Animal Control Because Of Their Fear Of Dogs. This Person Has A History Of Calling Animal Control On Dogs In The Neighbourhood-But Since Ours Is A Pit-bull-The Complaint Is Handled Much More Seriously. The Pit-bull Has Such A Bad Rap-Due To Dog Fighting in the U.S And They Are A Popular Guard Dog. Ko Was Born Before the Pit-bull Ban. Ko Is Spayed and Up-To-Date On All Her Shots. Our Yard Is Fenced and Ko Has Never Posed A Safety Risk. She Is Our Toddlers Best Friend. Please Help and Share!

Please Visit My KO Mini Photo Album!

 Senior Officer Dean Lackey Called From Barrie's Animal Control to One: Ask Me To Take The Petition Down and Two: To Notify Me Of The Pitbul Laws In Ontario. Apparently, My Dog Cannot Sit On The Front Lawn Unmuzzled. I Am Now Informed That The Problem Is That The Dog Goes On The Front Lawn Without A Muzzle And A Neighbour Continuously Calls Animal Control About It-EVEN THOUGH MY OLD DOG HASN'T DONE A THING WRONG. ***If My Dog Is Caught With No Muzzle Nicely Sitting In The Front Yard She Will Be Ceized.

*** So Now To Get My Dog Into The Truck For Our Daily Car Rides And Errands I Have To Leash And Muzzle The Poor Dog With A Breathing Problem.

Sounds Like Animal Abuse!!!!!!! Totally Unfair!!!!!!!

I Will Be Ticketed For The Dog Enjoying My Half Million Dollar Front Lawn. We Will Be Taken To Court. And Ultimatley the Dog Will Be Euthenized... AT LEAST THE PETITION MADE IT'S WAY TO THE RIGHT PERSON.... I Can Make This World Wide Like LENNOX If I Have To!


Whelp, we went ahead and did everything the Senior Animal Control Officer Dean Lackey told us to do. Now that we live in Simcoe County we registered Ko here in Barrie. One hour after we registered our Pit-bull and listed Ko's Veterinarian-the Animal Control Officer Nick Lackey went ahead and visited our vet to verify our Pit bulls age in order to continue with the euthanasia of our Dog. It's like this man is destined to kill our professionally trained dog. We have provided Dean Lackey with the Vet who spayed our dog, as well as the phone number in New Brunswick of where our dog was registered.

We've also now been receiving parking tickets while parked in our own driveway from City By-Law Officers as well. They are ganging up on us..... 705-739-4241 ext.4584

Dear Supporters: K.O is home with us. The Senior Animal Control Officer In Barrie Ontario, Dean Lackey, accidentally relayed to me that the address calling animal control constantly is: 5 Ryan Court, Barrie On, L4M 6N7. I will be going over to their house this afternoon to discuss their reason as to why they want my innocent old dog killed. The people living at '5 Ryan Court Barrie Ontario' are aware my old dog will be killed due to it's breed and they stated to a neighbour 'I'm not sure why the dog is still there' (at my house.) Sick People! Their goal is to continue to report my dog, who is ALWAYS secured in our backyard with our rod iron fencing. Our dog does not bark, our dog has NEVER shown aggression, our dog is professionally trained, our dog is our toddlers best friend, our dog is the sweetest baby girl and we have a ton of people supporting this statement.

At this point we have our 5ft rod iron fence locked shut in fear that they would release Ko and claim she was running around lose. We are constantly watching our backs.

For now, our dog hasn't been seized. Dean Lackey, the Senior Animal Control Officer has layed off temporarily after visiting K.O's Vet. BUT I'm sure he is determined to dig up any excuse to take K.O.

I want to personally thank everyone who has supported us. It makes a world of difference to know people around the world are aware of what is going on and the situation is NOT SILENCED! I will keep you updated if anything else occurs in regards to sweet old innocent K.O.


On July 8th I believe, we arrived home from Ikea. K.O came with us. Our daughter got out of the truck and K.O followed her. The man living at '5 Ryan Court, Barrie ON, L4M6N7' ran over to take pictures on his phone of our dog 'out without a muzzle.' He then ran home, I followed him to ask him what his problem was. His pregnant wife was standing in her doorway swearing at me. She had a young child right beside her as she yelled 'Go the F*ck Home.' I did exactly that, I went home to avoid any further conflict. Minutes later the Police arrive in their big SUV undercover vehicle and multiple officers hop out. Apparently 5 Ryan Court reported that 'I would kill them,'-or something similar to that.
The Police took the allegation with a grain of salt, and did nothing but tell the both of us to stay away from each other. Apparently the man at 5 Ryan Court, Barrie ON, L4M6N7 stated that he was scared for his life.... But WHY would he come over and approach our dog and us if he was truly scared?????
He is once again starting problems.
When we originally spoke with the man at 5 Ryan Court, we told him that our problem was that he went to Animal Control prior to even speaking with us, and ONCE AGAIN-he phoned the Police without speaking to us, and wasting valuable Police time and ours.
In the last couple days nothing else has transpired. I believe the couple from 5 Ryan Court, Barrie On, L4m6N7 just have time on their hands.



(A short story about a woman who enjoys attempting to sabotage my petition and others...)


It appears the drama hasn’t stopped -even though NO events have occurred regarding our dog Ko.


On Friday July 12th 2013 another Police Officer came to my door. I had no idea why an officer was over once again SINCE NO EVENTS HAVE HAPPENED SINCE THE LAST TIME THE POLICE WERE OVER. This caught me completely off guard. The Officer informed me that neighbours were feeling ‘scared’ once again. According to the officer, ‘5 Ryan Court Barrie Ontario’ is scarred that someone will show up at their house uninvited due to this Petition.


I guess ‘5 Ryan Court Barrie Ontario Canada L4M6N7’ received a letter in the mail from a woman in Florida (Alva) who supports my petition “Stop the Euthanasia of Our Dog Ko.” I’m not exactly sure what the letter said but from speaking with the elderly woman earlier today- it was not at all mean or threatening, nothing of that nature-as i have spoken to her since. The elderly woman simply asked why they continue to create problems.


The Officer also stated that according to 5 Ryan Court Barrie Ontario, Janette Teresa Hamilton came to their house that morning and dropped off a business card with the names and numbers of other neighbours who have called Animal Control regarding our Pitbul.

In the meantime I have learned NO OTHER people have called Animal Control on my dog other than 5 Ryan Court Barrie Ontario.

I have never met or spoken to this Janette Teresa Hamilton, nor has 5 Ryan Court Barrie Ontario. This woman has invited herself into this mess and out of no where shared my name and slandered me, as well as threatened me.


 This 'Janette Teresa Hamilton' female has decided to write several blogs about me.

The following are her Facebook Pages where she has twisted the facts regarding my petition and about events.

-Janette Teresa Hamilton (everydogsmom)

-Janette Teresa Hamilton

-J Hamilton Media

-J Hamilton Media and Management

-Baytowne Beat

-Pet Photography Captured

Janette Teresa Hamilton is also on Twitter and sharing my name and information there as well, and also twisting the facts and slandering me. Her twitter name is 'jhamiltonmandm,' I believe she is slandering me other accounts as well.

I do not know this woman, nor has she ever asked me what is going on. She has only visited '5 Ryan Court Barrie Ontario' and only knows what those people have told her. The same people that continue to call Animal Control on my dog-even though no issues have transpired.

Janette Teresa Hamilton is slandering me, falsifying the facts, and harassing me online. I have sought the Polices help and they have advised me to file a Civil Lawsuit immediatley. I am now doing so.

Janette Teresa Hamilton told the neighbours, (as told to me by the officer) that she owns her own business 'saving dogs,' as well 'trains dogs at Gentle Leader Dog Day Training' she also claims to be a 'photographer' and in 'media management.' I have searched these claims and so far all I've found is Facebook Pages with the Job titles on them, but a google search, as well as a national business search turned up No Such Businessess.

According to others, this woman, Janette Teresa Hamilton, targets induviduals and starts blogs regularily. The woman is known to stir the pot and create problems that she doesn't belong in. This woman claims to own her own businesses-yet her home and financial situation states otherwise.

On Janette Teresa Hamilton's blogs about me she suggests I cannot afford a leash for my dog, yet I own a half million dollar home-I DO NOT APPRECIATE HOW SHE PAINTS ME TO BE.

Nevertheless, I am beginning my Civil Lawsuit Immediatley and I appreciate all (nearly) 8,000 of you who support us and our dog Ko.

Back to the Police Officer who came to my house....

The officer was sweet, quite charming and very down to earth. He DID NOT come to my house to threaten me; he just simply said he sadly has to play a ‘counselor’ for some people.  He told me that he is from Toronto Ontario and doesn’t normally have his time wasted with ‘neighbour disputes’ as there are much more serious issues to deal with. I absolutely agreed. The officer completely understood and agreed that a dog was a member of the family. I told the officer I do not know the people at ‘5 Ryan Court Barrie Ontario,’ and I do not know why the Police were called once again and had to come to my house AS ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING HAS TRANSPIRED since their last visit, it was completely unexpected.


I feel this was just another attempt from ‘5 Ryan Court Barrie Ontario’ to try and irritate us.


I told the Officer I do not understand why 5 Ryan Court keep calling the Police acting stating they feel ‘threatened or scarred’ when it is him who continues to stir up trouble. Not once have we retaliated in any way and it seems he continuously causes trouble.


The officer suggested that I should be the ‘bigger person’ and just take the petition down.


I’m not sure if I should do that in case Animal Control Officer Dean Lackey strikes again and tries to euthanize Ko-I would lose all my signatures thus far.


What is your opinion?






July 18th 2013


Hi Everyone,


I'm so sorry to have to update everyone again so soon.


I just wanted to let everyone know that various other people have disclosed to me that this 'Janette Teresa Hamilton' character is a little bit 'off,' (if you catch my drift.)  Apparently she is a bit 'unbalanced.'


Janette in fact does run a Facebook page called "Every Dogs Mom" where she suggests she is 'Every Dogs Mother' suggesting only she can take proper care of an animal.


Even worse, Janette Teresa Hamilton runs a website called "Gossip Dog." This website is strictly dedicated to 'calling out' random people, dog owners, business owners, companies, etc. Janette calls this 'Exposing the Truth`-yet she has NOT gotten both sides of ANYONES story.  Janette devotes her life to this. Frankly, I believe she is searching for attention. I’m not sure where she would find the time to run all these websites when there are such horrific things happening in the world.

The following is an email I recieved from a fellow member:


"""""Hi Jenna
I have seen a woman with amost the same name(Jannette is not part of the name but another name is added to the other 2 names) on the Help Save Charlie petitions & hate pages. Lots of the same thing. This person causes misinformation saying it's the truth. Having ruined the owners life,& any chance of raising funds to get his dog back,I guess she moved on to you. SAD. I''m happy you were able to work out solution for your dog. I hope Facebook & Causes places take better care in monitoring the people slandering others through FB.""""

(end of the email)

It appears Janette, the self proclaimed 'animal advocate,' brings more harm than good to animals.

I have done a bit of research and i have yet to find even ONE animal she has saved.



Janette refers to the people/companies/business owners that she writes about as being ‘idiots, bozos, bitches, asses,’ etc., as she does to me as well.


This woman just sticks her nose in issues that aren`t her own.


This woman creates problems that are also not her own, and twists information to suit her.


This woman has dedicated her life to slandering and harassing several people.


Janette is the defendant in multiple `Slander Cases in Civil Court,’ as I am told by a woman who says she knows Janette personally.


Again, I do not know this Janette Teresa Hamilton character. I`ve never seen her. She came out of the wood work and showed up un-invited the home of the people who originally reported my dog Ko to Animal Control. Janette has only their side of the story-and this is how Janette generally gathers all her `truthful’ information.


I am messaging to let you all know that I am ignoring Janette Teresa Hamilton as most of you are sending me messages supporting me and hoping that I am taking this all with a grain of salt.


I have no desire to single out the 'unbalanced` or possibly mentally ill-that would not be fair to them, or Janette in this case. Other supporters of my petition have tried to contact her but Janette gets VERY worked up and gets WAY off topic, calling them names.


You cannot reason with people like this.


I would just like to state three things, the only three things that were relayed to me by my fellow petition supporters that Janette has said about me in her blogs:




Janette stated in her blog that several Animal Advocate Groups reached out to me and I did not accept their help. I would like to re-iterate this again=two days after my petition went viral Senior Animal Control Officer Dean Lackey called and stated he is no longer in pursuit of euthanizing our dog, and therefore there was no reason to reach out for help, the issue was over at that point. The petition worked.




 Janette stated that this entire ordeal started over us refusing to leash our dog. FALSE. It began when we took our daughter to the park behind our house for a picnic and the neighbour called Animal Control because our dog was out in public. Once I spoke with the Animal Control Officer she told me to just take Ko home to avoid problems. I did so. Days later I was contacted by Senior Officer Dean Lackey in regards to my Pitbul. Dean Lackey informed me that Pitbuls were illegal in Simcoe County. I did not know this as it is my husband’s dog; he came here from New Brunswick-where pitbuls are legal. Neither he nor I had any inclination pitbuls are illegal in Canada. I made further phone calls to figure out the bi-laws and found out Ko had to be registered in Barrie and Pitbuls have no right to be on their own front lawn without a muzzle. (No problem we bought a muzzle!) Ko is registered in Sudbury Ontario and my husband didn’t know he had to switch the dogs registration every time he relocated. That was no problem; my husband went down to the bi-law office and did everything he needed to do. This is when my husband listed what Vet we used-and the Senior Animal Control Officer went to our Vet to verify and then Dean Lackey cleared us of any further trouble from Animal Control. DONE. This has been a dead issue for nearly 6 weeks now.




Janette stated ‘at no time did Animal Control say that they were going to euthanize Ko.’  This part is partially true. The word ‘euthanize’ was not used- BUT the word ‘seized’ WAS USED. We were told ‘Ko was illegal in Ontario due to her breed and age and Ko would be seized.’  You can define ‘seized’ yourself.  ‘Seized’ by Animal Control for being illegal to what?? Eat ice cream and live in luxury??


I have tried to defend myself on Janette Teresa Hamilton`s Blog about me, but she has settings so I can`t. I`m not a whiz on the computer-so I guess it will remain there.


From here on out I won’t be discussing or defending myself against the things this Janette character says about MY issue regarding the euthanasia of MY dog Ko- AS EVERYTHING SHE STATES HAS ZERO MERIT! ZERO VALIDITY! And I am just not interested in addressing a women who immaturely ‘name calls’ in an attempt to make her ridiculous statements that are completely unrelated to the real issue seems more compelling.

If anything, this Janette Teresa Hamilton has caused even more issues for 5 Ryan Court-instead of 'assist' them.

I feel is Janette was truly an 'animal advocate' she would have reached out to offer me suggestions on what to do-prior to the Animal Control Officer letting us know he was no longer pursing my dog Ko.


Thank-you all for your continued support!


I will continue to keep up my petition until the Senior Bi-Law Officer Dean Lackey is willing to write me a signed letter stating they will not be ‘seizing/euthanizing’ Ko at any time.


Ko and Family!





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