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"Why do you wear makeup? You're beautiful without it."

"Be natural, you don't have to put makeup."

"Simplicity is beauty!"


Lately, I feel like It's a crime to use makeup. They're shaming girls who wear makeup because they assume that we are using makeup to hide our insecurities.  

But to tell you, there are so many reasons why do we wear makeup. Here's some of women who tells their very own reason why they put makeup:

1. "I wanna see all the versions of myself I can possibly find."

2. "Because It's fun! And also, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!"  

3. "I think I look better with it, tbh"

4. "I like the ritual and the precision and the power."

5. "Because it makes me feel more confident!"

6. "It's a form of performance and gender play."

7. "Because it makes me feel FRESH to DEATH."


We (womens who wear makeup) wants to stop makeup shaming. We want you to realize that makeup really boosts our confidence. We simply can't leave our house without it on our face. No makeup? Yes ofcourse we can do that BUT there is something in putting makeup that makes our self confidence up.

We wear makeup not to impress boy nor to impress anybody, but we do wear makeup for ourselves. When we have makeup on, we feel really good. We don't feel ugly without it but its way way way bomb when we have it on.

 Makeup is an art. When some of my friends ask me to do their makeup, I  feel more artistic than I have ever felt in my life. I’ve always felt like my creativity has staggered as I’ve gotten older. Like "Hey I'm talented!" However, when I am doing makeup on myself or someone else, I feel like there are no limitations. I can try out different colors, style or what so ever you want  without the fear of it “going to waste”.

Makeup corrects things that we cannot correct on our own. Makeup do enhance our features. It's helpful when it comes down to the emergency situations: zits, blotchiness, and blackheads. These are all times when I need a little dab of foundation or concealer here and there. Makeup says things about a woman they usually do not say on their own

Youare beautiful whether you choose to wear makeup or not. But I'll be honest here, some of us were not really blessed with natural good looking features. Some choose to go under plastic surgery, but some just choose to wear makeup. 

And to tell people who says "You're ugly without makeup!" how can you say that were ugly when its our face that we enhance? It means, can we go that beautiful when It's not our face that we enhance? Meaning, we're more beautiful when we enhance our features.

So for womens who wear makeup? JUST SLAY IT GURL!� if it makes you happy, then go do it! Your happiness is all that matters.


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This petition had 62 supporters