Stop limited timed delivery of Food.

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Today I wish to speak my heart out about a very sensitive topic which has been on my mind and pinching me.

We all are foodies in a way. We all want good quality food. All of us use various means of food delivery at various destinations, as per our location.

What hurts me is this rule of timed delivery. 30 mins or free.

Just for getting food delivered to us, is it right to put someone's life at risk? Everytime I see a food delivery person, my mind someone starts thinking.... has he himself eaten?

Many times we come across food delivery people making their way thru traffic and trying to get ahead of others. At the time of going for a delivery service, on one hand he has put his life to risk and at the other his pocket. If he is unable to reach on time, the customer refuses to pay. But does that mean the food is really free? No! Coz he ends up paying for what you ate. That small amount of salary he gets.... goes into paying for a few deliveries he could not make on time. We take no time in grading the food as awsum/ delicious/ wow or yuck/ awful/ horrible. While he.... risks his well being and money for it. For him every single delivery service is no less than a war against time and money.

How have we become so insensitive? How do we forget even his mother/ sister/ wife/ kids must be waiting for him to get back home.

Can we together change this? So what if the food comes a little late. Can't we place the order well in time? Yes sometimes things do go really go wrong. But lets be wise, situation-wise! Lets be humane! Lets make our food a pleasant experience for everyone!

Lets be the change and be the reason for someone to smile and bring us our food.