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Stop Gaby Draws

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STAND UP TO THE BULLIES! The instagram art community is essential for young artists to get the vital support that they need and to gain the confidence needed for creating art. It is a great tool to help young artists learn how to market themselves, help others and improve their art with critiques from other artists. This is why young artists such as myself love to share our work on social media. However, there are people like _.gabydraws._ making the instagram art community a confidence-knocking place that they do not feel accepted in. Gaby has hacked a 16k shared account for her own benefit, and only gave it back when she was threatened. She also constantly bullies other accounts, on art classes AND over private messages. Not only does she privately humiliate them, but she has publicly shared posts telling her large following to block and report people over the smallest of things, such as "copying her layout" and her profile picture. As it turns out, the girl had no idea who she even was, but yet she was bombarded with people spewing out hate comments her and blocking her for no reason. How petty... She tells people that they are not good, and not as good as her. Art is a learning journey, and she shouldn't judge anyone's learning pace. She shouldnt hurt them like that. As she continues to bully others, her following grows by hundreds a week. And yet she still moans about being "not appreciated". Help us, and the victims of her bullying, out by signing this petition.

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