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Stop Daniel Lukaszewski from going to the army.

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Daniel Lukaszewski, a humble child born into the Lukaszewski household in April of 1999 has decided to leave behind his family and friends as he goes to the army. The greed for money and power has driven him to let go of the ones who care for him the most. This is unacceptable. Together, we can help Daniel Lukaszewski from Blacktown who lives just a few minutes away from his local KFC, come to his senses and realise that money and power isn't worth leaving the ones who cared for him the most behind. Here are some reasons as to why we think going to the army will have negative impact on everyone who knows him, and also himself. 

  • His dwarfism causes him to be out of the field of view for the average human, hence resulting him in getting stepped on by strong army men who are wearing steel cap boots.
  • His left arm is significantly weaker than his right arm causing him to be lopsided which means that the recoil from the standard issue AUG can cause Daniel to lose all significant motor functions and accidentally shoot himself or others. 
  •   His MAJOR underbite can be a handy hazard as a well thrown grenade can get stuck in his mouth. Due to the massive underbite his hands are unable to reach his mouth hence leading to death. 


Thank you all for your signatures as each signature helps. Once the goal is reached Daniel Lukaszewski will not go to the army.  

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