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Stop Cockfighting

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Roosters are bred and trained on farms to fight to the death in cockpits. These roosters are given very sharp cockfighting spurs to have a very bloody, fatal fight for the delight of people who gamble and bet on these animals. Obviously, these owners care only for the money the animals bring and they don't consider if the activity is humane.

Reasons why you should stop cockfighting:

 1) The birds to fight through physical work, including attaching weights or blades to their legs for “practice fights” with other roosters. A process that cockfighters call being “tested with steel.”

2) Breeders often pluck the birds’ feathers and hack off the roosters’ wattles and combs to prevent other roosters from tearing them off in the ring.

 3) If the fighting wanes, handlers pick up the birds and blow on their backs, yank at their beaks, or hold them beak-to-beak in an attempt to work them back into a frenzy. Losing birds are discarded in a barrel near the game pit, even if they’re still alive.

4) According to international health experts, cockfighting has been linked to the spread of the highly lethal bird flu virus from birds to humans through contact with blood and feces. 

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