Urge pet stores to stop selling puppies from Puppy Mills!

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Puppies are suffering everyday and we can help put an end to it.  At puppymills, the poor animals get no exercise and no medical care! They put 10 dogs in one little cage, not caring about what will happen to them. Not to mention, since the puppies at the pet store come from puppymills, that means that most of them are sick! If you get one, then puppymills will get another to replace the one you bought. They are getting millions of dollars each year. We need to stop buying puppies and start adopting them! Some pet stores like petsmart decided to start getting animals from the shelter to give to people but most still decide to support the puppymills. Most people feel bad for the animals in the pet stores and buy them but what they don’t know is that their money goes toward a place that treats the same kind of animals in a way nobody could imagine. Please do not support these puppymills even if you really want to buy a dog from the pet store because he/she looks cute. Always remind yourself to help those who cannot help themselves....let’s help stop the selling of these poor animals in pet stores. They are only bred for profit while thousands of puppies are getting euthanized at shelters every year. Please adopt from a shelter.  Remember...if you demand, they will supply. Don’t give them money to do it. Urge pet stores to stop selling puppies from puppy mills.