Stop Bisexual Doctor being Deported to Uganda

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Dr Moses Odongo, a bisexual Ugandan national is under continued threat of deportation and his latest appeal has been adjourned yet again, causing him massive hardship.

Dr Odongo completed his Ph.D with The University of Leeds in 2013. Whilst on a student visa, he worked as an analyst for PGCE Science Teachers’ Training and Placement Programmes at The School of Education, University of Leeds and also did some supply teaching in local schools, his specialist subject being Science. His visa ran out in 2013. Dr Odongo is bisexual and since 2013 made relevant applications and appeals. He has been held in detention and was nearly put on a plane to Uganda in 2016, His latest appeal against deportation was due in June this year but has been adjourned to November.

The current situation is that:

Dr Odongo is sofa surfing and has no means of income, leaving him dependent on the charity of friends and ex-colleagues;

He is a highly skilled man with a Doctorate in Science Education and a qualified Science Teacher; of which there is a shortage in the UK;

He is in grave danger because the hostility to LGBT people in Uganda remains and the ministers who seek to implement the death penalty remain in parliament and intend to reapply to have it imposed;

His mental and emotional health is subsequently in danger.