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Abortion is painful, sorrowful, and is a living nightmare for the mother. Those who say "It's my body!" Well, hate to break it to you, but it's not. Your womb is supposed to be a safe haven for your child. There are numerous people out there who have gone through an abortion. Have you ever seen what the abortion people do to your baby? Did you know Planned Parent Hood is not at all friendly, but harsh? Ever wonder if your baby knows it's going to die? Your baby does know, it gets more active as the needle goes in for the kill. When you abort a child it gets cut up! Yes, CUT UP! Into pieces. What happens to those pieces? They get put in a jar and carried to another room. A nurse will then count whether or not all of the body parts are there.
Abortion is murder. I believe it is. If you think "Hey, it doesn't even look human!" Remember, you once looked like that! Why is it if another teen, adult, elder, or even baby that just was born, murder? Why is it, that just because it is still in the womb, it's okay to chop it up?
Most women say to pro-life people/representatives, "It's just a bunch of men telling women what to do!" or "Where are all your children that you've adopted?" First off, the majority of pro-life representatives are women, many of whom have been through abortion. Secondly, just because we haven't adopted every living soul, doesn't mean you should give another up.
I hope that you will join me in the support of stopping abortion!

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The issue of abortion is either overlooked by our government, or point blank hidden. By aborting a baby, the mother is not only killing an innocent life that didn't have a choice, but she is also hurting herself. Abortions are proven to cause a higher chance of breast cancer, and they also cause pain and suffering within the mother and on the mother. Her body knew there was a baby to care for, however, once it got chopped up, the body was confused and stressed. Sounds funny huh? Well, it's not. it's the truth, we all secretly know it. The mother's who want an abortion, at first do not yet know of the hard, burdening consequences abortion will give her. Abortion isn't fair to the mother's going in too. Why? They are lied to. In commercials Abortion clinics are clever and use more eye candy rather than giving facts about why you should really get and abortion. Have you ever thought about why they do that? They plan it that way because it is a business, they need costumers, and there is absolutely nothing good about abortion. With one abortion comes great remorse. I hope you will take this matter much more seriously than you have, and I hope that you will think about others and what Planned Parent Hood, along with other abortion companies really do.
Thank You.

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