To let Alfie Evans get help and not have his hospital life support taken away from him.

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My name is Alfie Evans �

I am nearly 2
Could some one tell me
Tell me what did I do?
What did I do
To deserve this sadness and pain,
To never kiss hug or see my mummy or daddy again.
Lying here sleeping hoping you can save me
Alder hay doctors, judges, oh God
Just please, please release me
My parents whisper to me every night
Comon on son please just breathe, wake up and fight.
Mummy Im trying really i am
Alder hay wont let me go you've done all you can.
Im a warrior a fighter just like my dad,
But please daddy please dont be sad.
Italy can save me just wait and see,
I will breathe I will fight if they will just set me free!
I have a voice, Im alive just let me try,
Alder hay please Im begging you
Please dont let me DIE!

In Britain the death penalty is illegal. In Britain euthanasia is illegal. In Britain 30 policeman are standing guard outside Alfie Evans’ room to ensure his court ordered death proceeds uninterrupted.

In 1999 the courts decided to force feed intravenously ian brady to keep him alive,a killer who took the lives of five 2018 the courts decide to take the life of alfie evans,a twenty month old baby boy,a baby boy whom the hospital are going to inject with medazolam,a drug that is used on death row,confused eh,welcome to the great British justice system,well done to the government and well done to the monarchy for allowing this to happen,whilst they celebrate the birth of a new prince today,alfies parents are about to lose theirs,justice for alfie,keep fighting