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Stand with Survivors

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Rape is not a joke. I am sure, all of us are aware with this because of the news that we have heard. We, ourselves are afraid to go out  with the thought of there'll be someone who is capable of doing something. Many people, men and women were affected. Even an innocent child became a victim.

Thoughts of a Rape Victim:
"I am a rape victim. Those five words were harder to write than I thought, let alone accept the fact that it happened. To me."

It is very evident in several articles that I have seen. As I read each of them, I felt sadness came to my system and it suddenly turned into a big hatred. I observed that most of the victims of rape stayed silent, got depressed, substance abused and worst, they committed suicide or maybe they just simply accept the fact that they can't do anything because there's no turning back. When in fact, they should have defended themselves, their rights. How many more victims are we going to encourage to stay silent? Do we choose to protect rapists? Let us speak up, let us stand with them "because rape is not a victim's fault."

As a citizen and a student at the same time, by making and signing this petition is the simplest and the easiest way to show that we care. Help us strengthen victims' access to justice, empowering them to understand and claim their rights.


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