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THREE TIME CONVICTED PEDOPHILE IS BEING RELEASED BACK INTO OUR COMMUNITY. James Duncan Smith of St Clair has been convicted of numerous counts of molestation to girls under the age of 11, and as young as 7. He is to be released from prison on May 27 2015 after serving 7 years. As a victim of his actions from the age of 7, I can assure you that I am in no means comfortable with the thought of this dirty, unremorseful, waste of space to be anywhere except behind bars. Because of him, my childhood was taken away and he has not only caused me long term emotional trauma and fear, as well as damage to my family, but he has hurt other young girls – and that is something I will never, ever, ever be okay with. There is no one on this planet that deserves to be raped, especially innocent children… even if they are your family. I’d like to note to you all that this ‘man’ is not even an Australian Citizen, yet is being released back into OUR community – even if it is on ‘supervised’ parole. He will do it again; he is in no way remorseful. If he was, he wouldn’t of committed the crimes he did, as many times and to as many people as he has. For those who know me, I may or may not have let you into this part of my life – but for those who don’t, I spent my entire high school life dealing with the broken pieces he left me in. I don’t blame myself, I was a young girl and I knew nothing different except what he said was ‘how families are’. I’m not ashamed of what has happened. What I do know is that I will not let myself go through all the work I’ve put into gluing myself back together with the support of my family, best friends and boyfriend just to have him ruin it all again. If there is one thing that I told myself after years of counselling, and that he made clear to me the day I got up on the witness stand at court and read my Victim Impact Statement directly to him while he smirked and winked at me – it’s that I will do anything in my power to never let him see life outside of prison ever again. After what he has done to me, I could never live with myself if I was to find out he re-committed when I could have done something about it. I can, and will do absolutely everything in my power to keep him from getting out of jail. I will never, ever let another girl or boy go through what his victims and I did and are still going through as a result of his grooming.

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