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Shutdown instead of Vine

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Vine has been the center of memes for us, they've made us laugh and have caused memories for Viners and people who watch their funny content. On the other hand, is a cringe center for spoiled, unwanted content, and horrid people lip singing to abominable music and they get famous by 8-13 year old girls who love him/her cause of his/her looks (Vice versa for males with female users.) Many people (including vine creators and people who make vines) want this social media platform to stay, needs to go, you have download/ have you can go to the "Featured" tab and see kids, teens, who look good and are getting thousands of likes just from lip singing towards edited music. Compared to vine where it can take effort to make a 6 second video compared to a 15 second long video of a spoiled kid (sometimes) pretending to hump the air or kiss the camera  just to make their fans (female fans) go crazy. Vine takes 2/4 of the meme community, serves no purpose unless you're make a cringe compilation towards users. the hindrance of can make anyone cringe, so the solution here is keep Vine and kick out, it serves no purpose towards the internet except making spoiled kids even more spoiled and it also makes you look dumb if you do a in public. You're probably wondering, "Chee, this man is probably 32 years old in his moms basement, wanting to take down a platform that kids use to entertain themselves." Well, I'm 13, and sincerely I've used once, hated it and deleted the app. I rather keep Vine since in 2014 and in 2015 Vine made many memories for my friends and I. We could make jokes on the vines, some were just nostalgic, and some reminded me of the good old days. In the interval, serves no memories towards my friends or i, nor anyone I know. Even if you enjoy the app, you have to admit there is some cringe stuff. Once more, LET MUSICAL.LY BE SHUTDOWN INSTEAD OF VINE! 

- Derek

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