Save the Stern Art Department

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Hello! Art Department here and we want to lay down some facts for you: 1. The Katz graduate cyber security program is trying to take away part of the art department’s vital instructional space to replace it with a lounge, pantry and two classrooms exclusive to their program.
2. The classrooms they are trying to take are the only classrooms the art department has for technology-based classes such as Photography, Videography, Graphic design, or Typography.
3. The future of art is digital and by taking away these classrooms they are cutting off our hands – we will not be taken seriously in any possible fields after graduation
4. No serious art student will come to a school with half an art department. Our department is already at a disadvantage to other schools’ departments due to our lack of space. Taking away more space will turn away potential students, and will eventually kill the major.

5. The art floor is the most consistently used floor on campus with students constantly returning outside of class time to complete their work.
This is yet another example of YU disrespecting the humanities, and this department isn’t going down without a fight.