Save covid-19 old infected patients across the world

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Hi everyone, 

I know that coronavirus or Covid-19 has caused lots of problems all over the world, but there is one thing that worries me the most about this virus: The danger in which human dignity is right now. Multiple times I have read news telling how the countries with a big amount of infected people are thinking of taking drastic measures to avoid the transmission of the virus. I fully understand their worries, but these measures cannot go against human dignity. 

Because of this, I urge the international community to not let this happen. It doesn´t matter how old a person is or how sick, we all have the same dignity. Please, sign up this petition, so we can avoid this problem. What these countries need are resources to help all the people infected by Covid-19. And please, help me to send it all over the world and to take the necessary measures to avoid its expansion. 

A person with a mission.