Remove Soulless Corporations Content From YouTube

Remove Soulless Corporations Content From YouTube

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Help us save YouTube creators and quality content !

the future of Youtube is looking dark after the votation of "Article 13" and the "Adpocalypse", two events that will forever change the face of Modern Multimedia Sharing.

Some context :

Large corporations only dedicated to make money from their content are now throwing Shade to smaller and less powerful Youtubers as a result of YouTube's Algorythm promoting them as they offer advertiser friendly content.


The Largest of these corporations, T-Series, has been in a competition with Felix Kjellberg (owner of the Channel "PewDiePie") since septembre 2018, to determine the kind of content that will prevail on the platform. 

T-Series, a company that started out by selling pirated songs, entered YouTube as an already renowned music record label and film production company, they quickly grew on the platform by uploading music and trailers for their own movies, T-Series is now one of the fastest growing channels thanks to better accessibility to internet in India.

Felix Kjellberg on the other hand, is a creator who started his channel in 2010 while working at a Hot Dog stand in sweden, without even having real ambitions of success on the platform. PewDiePie quickly gained followers thanks to his humor and his authenticity, and soon was able to fully dedicate himself to his passion for making videos thanks to his Youtube revenue.

But recently, the mainstream media-outlets, such as the Wall-Street-Journal for exemple, have often taken out of context Felix's words and jokes for easy headlines. PewDiePie usually isn't aware of the trouble he's putting himself in by making Jokes or wanting to make counterexamples to denounce devious practices.

And even though Felix was portrayed as a bad person, he never lost fate and always kept bringing joy to his followers, even when he was being bad mouthed due to his offbeat humor, he still gave money to charity for the children in the world, 7 times...

He may not be perfect, but he is always doing his best and what he thinks is good, There's more to Felix than meets the eye.

but here is the problem...

India's Youtube Recommendations are now filled with T-Series videos, because they are both abounding and advertiser friendly. The Company is now throwing shade at smaller channels that may never break through because of YT's Algorithm and the situation will only worsen as the Article 13 takes effect...

People who start channels, may never be able to develop their passion and will most likely forever be unknown. The Dream of YouTube success will forever be gone unless we manage to take out the Giant multi-channel network that is T-Series!


This is where we have to step in if we want to keep YouTube a place for content creators and for individuals to express their talents !

A single petition might no do much but if we stand together, we can move mountains ! Make people understand who we are and what we want !

wether you like Felix or not, stand for freedom, stand for everybody who's only joy is creating and sharing what's dear to their heart !

Please sign this petition.

0 a signé. Prochain objectif : 200 !
Quand elle atteindra 200 signatures, cette pétition aura plus de chance d'être inscrite comme pétition recommandée !