Remove Referee Interaction (FIFA 19)

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This isn't real life, why else can our players have contact with the ref other than to ruin the flow of play?? There's 1000 problems with this game and I don't want this to be one...

Just In Case this gets big enough EA might see it and listen to us! Click the link to sign -->>

Edit 1: While they're at it, can EA please look at referee decisions in general? this is likely a lot more complicated but things such as calling the free kick when we're deep into advantage and through on goal, and calling penalties when we do not press any buttons, are just a few examples of some issues with the referees in FIFA.

Edit 2: Stadiums that make it very hard to see (ones with exaggerated shadows, terrible lighting etc). Not sure what can be done, but the game becomes extremely difficult when we have to play against our eyes as well. Maybe give us the option to turn off stadium shadows in settings?

Edit 2.5: Unnecessary Stats that completely block our view at the top/bottom of the screen when running down the sidelines (mostly near the start of the match), at least give us the option to turn these off without removing the scoreboard etc.


Thanks for your time, don't forget to share so EA can see!