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Reintroduce the death penalty in the UK for high profile Mudurers

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High profile muderers like terroists and kiddie muderers are kept in prison for life fed watered and protected until they die behind bars or until the parole board deems them to be safe for release

Mean while there bereaved victims families are left powerless knowingly that there loved ones will never be back and there muderers are still breathing each day behind bars and payed for by our public purse strings

The UK judicial system has become so soft and have now allowed these evil persons to still live and even gloat and even preach or mingle with there own evil friends whilst inside

These muderers have no right to do so given the fact that they have committed the most barbaric of Murders and the families loved ones watch on and and serve a ongoing life sentence 

By removing high profile muderers we will be doing society a favor saving public money and giving there victims families some peace in the midst of there ongoing pain

All I ask is for you to is sign this petition and if we reach 100,000 we can get this petition to parliament so we can get it raised and hopefully reintroduced 

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