Protection against Home invasions

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Imagine you are laying down to go to sleep and hear an unusual noise, we’ve all been there, I certainly have, you go to investigate, usually it’s nothing; a false alarm, a fox at the bins, the wind etc etc.  Except this time it’s a little more serious, two physically able men have broken into your premises that you had secured before you’d gone to bed.  Lights are off.  Do you know it’s only two?  Are you sure of their physical ability?  Are they armed?  Are you even fully awake and completely aware of the impending situation?  I doubt it.  The overwhelming fear will hit most.  I have spoken with friends whom have been victim of a home invasion where a large blade was held to the throat of a seven year old girl whilst demands where made.   Now the important part, the words we have all heard since the Tony Martin scenario (which by all accounts involved an illegally possessed shotgun); “reasonable force”.  Reasonable force to me equals survival.  In those dark, sleep deprived early hours where the mind is trying to catch up with the reality the word “reasonable” seems a little unachievable, it’s either victim or survivor.   I know which I’d rather be.  I am a 32 year old man.  I have had a few false alarms in my premises.  I have never been confronted by burglars but have had a few nervous occasions where I thought I might be.  The heart rate pulses, it’s a false alarm but imagine the fear of being confronted with two (could even be more) physically able men in your premises.  Now add the threat of a sharp instrument (a screwdriver in the case in qustion).  Now imagine you are 78 Years old.  Do I need to say more?  

When a burglar enters a premises with any form of weapon the offence becomes aggravated burglary.  I ask parliament to reconsider their approach to such cases, a 78 year old acts in defence and is arrested on suspicion of murder, our justice system’s burden of proof is “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”, and where is the proof of the homeowners guilt when a criminal enters in the dead of night armed with both a deadly weapon and overwhelming numbers in most cases.  

The British Public do not sympathise with armed criminals entering a dwelling whilst armed in the middle of the night.  Please support the homeowner and stop arresting innocent people disturbed in the middle of the night trying to defend their homes and their families.