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Prevent phone/internet addiction at a young age.

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To be frank, smart phones, the internet and other forms of unfiltered or unregulated media has a bad effect on growing children.

I see kids in an internet cafe where I live nearby and I see them spend 8 hours playing video games. The kids of my relatives are almost never seen without their eyes stuck to their phones, and the things they say to me, the things they already know at such a young age is pretty disturbing.

The internet is unfiltered, and you can find a lot of insane and nasty stuff if you look hard enough or just stumble onto the wrong kind of click bait. Social media to young people is a place where they constantly trying to get more attention from everyone else around them, practically an addiction. An endless stream of entertainment exists, and before they know it, they can't stop clicking or tapping onto the next fun thing.

These things have major negative impacts on children.They hamper the development of a young child's brain and attention span. Worse cases have them affect their eyes or physical fitness, and their addiction to technology takes time away from studies and family.

I can't blame the children for not being able to help themselves, but it's the responsibility of a parent to help guide a children's growth into adulthood right? It hurts to see my siblings not taking good care of their kids.

I just want every parent raising their child to know the effects of technology and the internet has on their children. If they understood what would happen to their kids if they started holding phones at the age of 6, I'm sure they'd take that phone away.

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