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Please, use proper grammar and spelling as much as possible

I believe that everyone should make a good faith effort to use proper grammar at all times. I find it intolerable that - especially on the internet or while using other technology - people throw whatever grammar they've learned out the window. Many languages are rapidly deteriorating, specifically English, because proper usage is no longer part of the status quo. True literacy is declining; most of my peers and many of my elders are no longer able to convey anything meaningful with the use of language. I don't see how it is acceptable to abandon grammar, especially at a time when education is not only priceless but scarce. Even while text messaging my friends, I use proper grammar and spelling; once in a while I will use an acronym but those are the exceptions. Language was created and continues to thrive because of its original purpose: to communicate. When people cannot understand each other, language is ineffective. If one learns how to text or type quickly, it isn't much more difficult to write full sentences. Aside from my use of "big words", my messages are understood, and I never forget how to write properly - as many of my classmates have - because I always write properly; I don't have to switch back and forth between grammatically correct English and colloquial English. I've helped so many of my classmates fix their essays because they've become so used to using improper language that they don't remember how to write correctly.

I believe that if more people do this, we have a much better at rescuing and preserving the beauty of language.

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