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Help get me back into school

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During my freshman year of high school, I attended Quincy High School and resided with my uncle, aunt, and three cousins. Around March, I moved back home with my father, who resides with his second wife in Randolph. I enjoyed Quincy High so much, that I decided to finish off the rest of my freshman year before telling the office(s) that I would be transferring to Randolph High School. About a month later, in early to mid April, Quincy High School began questioning my home asdress. The principal pulled me into his office to bash me, telling me that my family was not actually my family. Telling me that he knew my cousins since their elementary days, saying that he apparently knew that they had no cousins. He then proceeded to say "if you tell me the truth about your relations to them, I will let you finish the year." When I argued and said that they were legally related to me on my father's side, he replied "You know what? You'll be leaving this week. I gave you a chance to tell the truth." So with no other choices, I went into Randolph High School with only 2-3 months of school left. I then moved into Canton over the summer, where my mother resides. I finished my entire sophomore year at Canton High School, and part of my junior year as well. But due to personal conflicts, I moved back to Quincy with another family member. After a week of filling out registration forms and gathering all the necessary paperwork for me to attend Quincy High School again, they sent a voicemail overnight stating that they will not be accepting my registration application because they are accusing me of moving for no reason, and apparently I cannot finish the last 2-3 months here (reminder that they made me finish the last 2-3 months in Randolph). After contacting all the offices of Quincy High School and Quincy Public Schools, they continue to tell me that "you need to go back, I don't care that you filled out the RV2 and RV3 (forms that parents sign when their child lives with someone other than the mother/father), you have to go back to Canton." Mind you, I moved ALL of my belongings here, yet they still expect me to drive 20-30 minutes away, into Canton. So I am asking you, the public people, to please help me receive the education I deserve.

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