Petrol price to be controlled. It's going out of control

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Currently, petrol prices are revised daily. The reason given is that it reflects the correct demand supply and the price of crude at the international level. 

If one observes the price since daily revision has been implemented the prices have gone up more than 8



Have shared the aforesaid link which clearly indicates that they tend to increase prices by paise such that no one cares for it. It has almost reached 80 in Mumbai and sooner it will cross 82 and beyond....


No one is saying anything against this price rise. Previously their used to be solid revolt, agitation etc against such price rise. But now a days nobody is saying a single word.


 I feel one needs to seek some answers from the government as to how come the prices are increasing inspite of the fact that international crude price are very much in control.


Support me in getting the petrol price controlled